Liberty-Bell-Official-MI-rtw300Protecting the Right To Work

Michigan’s Right To Work Law

In 2012, Michigan became America’s 24th Right to Work state.

Since then, the union bosses have been scheming for ways to overturn Michigan’s Right to Work Law.

However, Michigan’s Right to Work Law brings enormous benefits to Michigan’s workers.

Not only does Right to Work allow Michigan workers freedom of conscience to decide whether or not to join a labor union, but it also unlocks economic prosperity. In addition, Right to Work frees Michigan workers from being forced to support Big Labor’s political machine.

For all these reasons, we will fight to defend Michigan’s Right to Work Law.

Opposing “Fee for Grievance” Legislation

One way union bosses try to gut Right to Work laws is through a process called “fee for grievance.”

This process allows union officials to force non-union workers to pay for the use of the grievance process at their workplaces — a process created and completely controlled by union officials and which non-union employees are forced to use whenever they have a grievance.

Passage of such legislation would mean most workers could be coerced into joining labor unions to avoid the high “fees” for using the union-controlled grievance process.

We will oppose any effort of the union bosses to extort money from workers using this process.

Supporting Michigan’s Ban on Project Labor Agreements

Michigan law currently prohibits so-called “project labor agreements” (PLAs) on state construction projects. PLAs discourage non-union companies from bidding or working on state-funded projects.

These agreements usually require bidders to have unionized employees or agree to pay union scale wages which, studies show, lead to more spending and higher taxes.

In fact, these agreements have been shown to raise costs, borne by taxpayers, by as much as 25% while doing nothing to ensure that projects are completed safely or on time.

The Michigan Right to Work Committee supports the Michigan PLA ban.